Do something different for your Planet this year 2021.

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The Planet is facing climate emergency never seen before, everything from plants, animals to water and air we breathe is under threat. Unsustainable growth and lifestyle are mining the hills but creating mountains out of waste.

Can Things Change? Of course, they can when young representatives like you take the charge to bring upon the change to their surroundings. Youth all around the world are coming forward and being part of the solution to climate crisis.

International communities, scientists, organisations, governments have recognised that we only have a decade to act, it is the 'Decade of Action' to transform our world.

We invite you to be a 'Champion for Earth and Change Maker' by joining the campaign ‘Youth for Earth’.

Challenge Details

'Youth for Earth' is a team challenge and all about activities on the ground, new ideas and innovation or creativity which brings about a change and leads to a more sustainable and healthy planet.

This challenge invites youth led project which makes a strong and positive impact on the community around you, part of solution(s) to climate crisis and pave a path towards healthy planet. Participating teams shall choose their themes and project category, and contribute through the activity they have been doing from 1st February, 2021 to 31st July, 2021 to bring a positive change for a more sustainable lifestyle.

The impact of submitted project should be visible by way of either change in behaviour or solution to a problem that may have existed. Simply carrying out awareness exercises may not be the solution, but it can be part of the active campaign. What we are looking forward to is to see that push that makes you break the barriers, so you walk the talk.

Participation Criteria

  • Only students (from schools, colleges, and Universities) are eligible to participate.
  • This challenge is for the youth of India and South Asian countries.
  • This is a team based competition - your team should consist of minimum 5 members and maximum up to 15 members.
  • Your project/activity should fall in at least one of the 'Youth for Earth' theme.
  • Registration and submission of final project submission in the given format is compulsory.
  • A team can submit only one project. However, more than one team can participate from one school/college/university.

How to Participate

  • Make your team consisting of 5 - 15 young members.
  • Check in which category your team will fall:
    • Junior Team (if you or your team members are from middle school or upto 10th standard).
    • Senior team (where team members are 11th Standard and above, or studying in College/ University).
  • Give your team a name and an interesting challenge to participate in Youth for Earth, and must nominate a team member to represent the team.
  • The activity, innovative idea or creative project should have been initiated and completed (at least first phase) within the timeframe of six months that is from 1st February to 31st July 2021.
  • Teams should submit their complete project details before 15th August 2021 in the form of written report, short video of 3 – 5 minutes and Photographs. Reporting format will be provided to the registered teams.
  • The activity should be conducted to make positive changes on your campus or in the community nearby.
  • Project and activities should be submitted in English language only. Videos can be submitted in other languages provided they have subtitles in English.

Choose your theme and category

The project/activity should fall in at least one of the following theme

Mobius Foundation     Mobius Foundation     Mobius Foundation     Mobius Foundation     Mobius Foundation

Your project should demonstrate at least one of the feature from below category

  • Action oriented Projects (Activity on the ground),
  • Innovative Ideas (Invention through technology and new thoughts, and have prototype),
  • Creativity and Art (It can be short film, art installation, performances etc)

To participate, Register your team


Important Dates

Teams should submit their complete project details before 15th August 2021 in the form of written report, short video of 3 – 5 minutes and Photographs. For regular updates and announcement, Fill out registration form as soon as your team decides to participate.

For any other query, please write back to us at

Report Submission Format:

All participating team will submit their entries in the below mentioned formats. Templates and guidelines for submission will be available here soon.

  1. Written report
  2. Short Video of 3-5 minutes
  3. Pictures


Awards will be announced on 9th & 10th Sep 2021 on the 2nd anniversary of International Conference on Sustainability Education 2019. Awards will be given to both categories (Junior & Senior) under which 1st , 2nd and 3rd recognition will be given in the form of cash prizes. A participation and recognition certificate will be given to all entries.

Winning team activities and other interesting activities will be highlighted and promoted by The Climate Reality Project India and Mobius Foundation through its social media platforms and website.

Received projects will be evaluated by the jury consisting of eminent environmentalists and sustainability experts.

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