We gratefully acknowledge the support of our Strategic Partners and Sponsors.

Become our Partners and Sponsors

ICSE will bring together diversity of experiences from across India and globe towards education for change and bringing in the element of quality improvement in education. The organizers and partners will have both the tangible and intangible benefits in terms of:

  1. Visibility and branding of the sustainability and educational efforts through international exposure
  2. Raising the profile of the environment and sustainability education
  3. Opportunities for networking with the relevant national and international stakeholders including government agencies, academic and educational institutions, NGOs and experts
  4. Partnership with UN and International agencies and co-branding benefits
  5. Strengthening of the existing programs with national, regional and international professionals and development of future programs and activities in the area of sustainability education.

BENEFITS OF BEING A SPONSOR Platinum Sponsorship Gold Sponsorship Silver Sponsorship Executive Sponsorship
Recognition in press releases
Recognition in brochures
Prominent logo visibility on training stage with organizers logos
Logo visibility at training venue
Recognition with logo at the beginning and end of each training
Recognition in material being handed out at trainings
Recognition on t-shirts worn by volunteers assisting at trainings
Logo Visibility and link to sponsors website on ICSE2019 website
Logo visibility on ICSE2019 website
Logo visibility on souvenirs
Invitation to a charity dinner
Post Conference Reports
Stall of the Sponsor / Session on their sustainability policies (30 minutes)
Free entry of the delegates to the sessions 5 3 2 1

For partnerships and sponsorship opportunities, please get in touch with us.

Dr Ram Boojh
Director Programmes, Mobius Foundation; Former UNESCO Science Specialist
Phone: +91 11 49854523, 49433823
Email: ramboojh1@yahoo.com