Education has been used as a tool for social change since times immemorial. Today, owing to growing environmental challenges, we need a change in ideas and attitudes towards planet earth which can be brought only through education.

Over the years we are facing rapid deterioration in the quality of environment including pollution of air, water and land, loss of ecosystems and species etc. Climate change has now become one of today’s most serious global challenges to sustainable development and requires immediate and urgent action to address its adverse impacts. Education is an untapped resource in addressing challenges related to environment, climate change and sustainable development.

International Conference aims on providing a global platform to national and international dignitaries to discuss the need of incorporation of Education for Sustainability, Climate Change Education and Environmental Education in the current course curriculum. It will also aim on developing recommendations for active integration of ESD, CCE and EE in the current curriculum followed in India to raise our next generation into a responsible citizen who lives by example.


The conference will focus on sharing innovative ideas and understanding on sustainability education within the overall objective of strengthening the role of education in changing attitudes and behaviour towards positive action for a better quality of life and environment ultimately leading to the achievement of SDGs and creating a sustainable future for all.

The specific objectives are:

  1. To share good practices in sustainability education in the school system from across the globe and provide a regional platform for exchange of experiences and good practices amongst educators, practitioners and policy makers.
  2. To discuss new and innovative ideas for bringing in the change in the current educational structure and incorporate environmental sustainability as a core concept from the early stage of education systems and strengthen the process through preparation of a model curriculum and associated teaching learning modules/tools.
  3. To identify opportunities for partnerships between schools, NGOs, UN agencies, and global, regional and national networks to enhance formal and non-formal education programs on sustainability education.
  4. To identify immediate and mid-term next steps for the development of a comprehensive sustainability education program in south Asia.

Attending this Conference will benefit you in the following way:

  1. Increase awareness regarding the Environment and Sustainability related concerns
  2. Help you realise the importance of in-cooperating ESD, CCE and EE into the current education system
  3. Provide opportunity to network and collaborate with the experts in this field

Need for the Conference

ICSE 2019 is planned with a view to explore pathways to address current and emerging sustainability challenges through education by empowering learners with new skills, values and attitudes that lead to more sustainable societies. The conference will look into various facets of sustainability education from a broader perspective taking into consideration global issues and challenges as well as regional and national realities. Sustainability education gained importance during the U N Decade of Education for a Sustainable Development (2005-2014) which promoted the integration of principles, values and practices of sustainable development into all aspects of education and teaching from kindergarten up to university and lifelong learning. The decade was followed up by Global Action Programme (GAP 2015-19) to scale-up ESD and accelerate progress towards sustainable development. Agenda 2030 and associated Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) recognized the important role of education by making it as a specific goal (SDG 4.7) and also by including targets on education under several other SDGs. This was also emphasized under UN General Assembly Resolution 72/2227 which recognizes ESD as “an integral element of SDG 4 on education and a key enabler of all the other SDGs”.

While underpinning the importance of global context of ESD, the need for such a conference is particularly important in the South Asian context as the region is facing unprecedented sustainability challenges which urgently require a shift in our lifestyles and a transformation of the way we think and act. The school education system in the region need to respond to these challenges by empowering educators and learners to include sustainability principles in their curriculum and pedagogies in an appropriate manner. The conference besides providing a platform for sharing learnings and experiences from across the spectrum, will come forward with suitable recommendations and action plans for bringing much needed transformation in education for a sustainable future.

Concept note for International Conference on Sustainability Education.

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